Thursday, May 22, 2003

We know you love A-ha. And Coldplay.
Even better, we know you will enjoy listening to them both at once!
VelvetYellow ~ 4.5Mb
(rightclick, save target as)
(For the easily disappointed, no, it's not a "classic" A-ha track - and you're just too cool for me, if you haven't been paying attention since the 1980's! )
I think I have some kind of throwback gene that makes me continue to collect their work.

Furthermore, I had a little play with a couple of others - (samples only, of dubious quality ;))

Beautiful TV (Beautiful Day/The Sun Always shines on TV) 670 Kb.
Daha (The Space Between/Take on Me) 946 Kb.

Rightclick, save target as.

In the unlikely event of too much bandwidth being slurpied, I will probably remove them.
Animbus does not like the direct link drain either - although these are scarcely worthy of that level of attention! :D

Blablabla no profit, low-quality experiment, please sue not my arse oh Recording Giants whom hold the holy compliance of copyright, yes I even bought the CDs (call me old fashioned), so you haven't lost a penny, rararah. And the Guinea Pig is a Ninjamaster Nipplebiter who knows the seven secret ways of making your life a living hell. I know this to be a fact, nearly every day. Thankyou! :D

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