Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Hi, My name is Kirby and I'm a Webaholic.

polite applause

I was really good at first, only checked my mail - but then I started playing with search engines and before you know it, I was spending as many as five or six hours online! *starts to weep*

nods of understanding and a couple of "I hear ya's"

I gave it up when the company shifted to strict rationings, but for the past few days I have gotten very little work done - my willpower is shocking.


But no more! Now I shall work solidly and compress time so that all my shots will be finished before midnight, much as they have become monotonous chains upon my very ankles...


... and lo, as the guinea pig was made to be animated, so did the animator come meekly to the desk in the wilderness.
And there she did take up the rightful mouse, and vow to animate that little sucker.
Can I get a witness?

chorus of amens

Ah said Can ah Get a WITNESS!

audience - AMEN!

Amen, ladies and gentlemen, Let us go forth and click the mouse button of the righteous work finishers, so that we may go home.

Appause, fade up of Organ music and 24 bit choir.

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