Thursday, March 20, 2003

The Lord of the Rings/Two Towers exhibition is well worth seeing.
I believe the exhibition will be touring, but I do not know where or when.
I drooled for two hours.
Then I went and looked at the exhibits. ;)

Still drooling.


On a sad bit of news, a friend has recently died - just dropped dead.
Brain haemorrage. Not a smoker, not a huge drinker either, just whammo. He was only thirty - same as I.
Enjoy your life while you have it, folks. Smell those roses, enjoy that warm bed linen fresh from the drier.
Thank people.
Have fun with your cat, your kids.
Hug your S.O. if you have one. Hug your friends if you don't.
If you don't have anyone, make up an invisible friend and hug yourself.
RIP Casey

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