Friday, March 28, 2003

Yesterday I awoke from a dream that I have to say, ranks right up there with flying dreams, for sheer fun.
Cheesy but true, it was ... a "Kung Fu" dream. :D

Me, against a classful of people taught by a couple of dodgy teachers.
But all fights were dealt with in extreme politeness and restraint by yours truly.
Minimal effort, maximum style! Total cheese...

But I think the most surreal moment had to be to where I re-arranged the contents of their refrigerator.
Who knew Kung Fu could be so useful?

(for the record, I do actually learn it - the Wing Chun form, four years so far. But I've never dreamed about it before.)

On to matters of work. I have reason to believe that this is the true representation of my brain functioning at full "work" capacity.

That image uncannily reflects the state of mind I was in, when I made it...

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