Thursday, March 20, 2003

Don't get bitten by a Mariah Carey.
Your harmless straight forward tunes will become impossible to sing.
Warbling about the octaves (and then some) will be impossible to control, and it is quite likely that your throat will burst from the strain.

The only cure is to listen to the dulcet tones of the sublime Miss Ella F. immediatly.
personal recommendation - "Ella Fitzgerald sings the Cole Porter Song Book" - Double CD, on the Verve label.)

Remember, you have only three days after being bitten by a Mariah, before you will turn. Get some Ella now.

In light of current events, I am not too dissimilar to Smeagol crouching with his hands over his ears, going "Not Listening! Not Listening!"
I refuse to watch media coverage of the event - because I don't want to get desensitised to it, and find myself thinking of war as just another tv show. I encourage anyone else to do the same. Go in, get your info, get out. Do not stay tuned to your tv set.
I don't like that it is going ahead at all.
(note to self - remember to add happy ommm to the great unconscious. Support the toothpick of optimisim and goodwill against the rolling stone of depression)
- there's such a lot of crap in the air, I've taken to wearing toilet paper.

Dr Seuss stories have been rather applicable to the situation at hand. (some of his lesser known ones I think, like "The Zax".)
He really was ahead of his time.

It occurs to me that with childrens stories being so wise, why have so many grownups forgotten them?
Gee - maybe because the stories had some very good points.
Too hard to remember, I guess.

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