Tuesday, June 25, 2013

100 Days Project

So! Been involved in this then...

And as a motivation, I am endeavoring to set up a site for the illustrated things!
Currently it's www.drawingformonkeys.com, but I'm developing one that is www.kjwright.com, for the characters that are particularly mine.
Today's 100 day effort looks like it will be an "under construction gif"  - heh!


Seraph said...

Cool idea - you are an inspiration. I find is so hard to find time to draw or do anything creative ( or sleep, or breathe ... ) but it's something I really have to get my arse moving on. I tried to do a drawing a day at the start of the year - but that crumbled after day 3. Then I tried a 'sketch-a-week' - which I was good with for awhile - but then the school production started laying the beat down on me. Sigh. BUT - you are inspiring me to get back into it !

Kirby said...

Doooo eeet!
To be honest, I think half of it seems to be about the knowledge that someone else "might be" watching, that keeps me at it.
That's one of the reasons I signed up to take part.

I've no idea where I'll be, in November (might even be in Wellington, depending on what turns out, jobwise xD never know) - but that's the month that I choose for what I decided to call "NaDraDaMo" (National Drawing Daily Month) instead of the Nanowrimo challenge xD)
I've done it for a couple of years previously like that, now. And the cool thing is, it can literally be a scribble sketch of your thumb, if the day is really busy.

You've just given me an idea.. a drawing challenge where every day, you have a post-it note to draw on, for a month. xD Ahhhh. Tis late, and enough blether from me. Keep up with the drawing!! And helloooo to the family. :)