Saturday, November 03, 2012


Aaaaannnnd now it's November. Only two months between posts, that's not too bad for me!

Recent responses to a particular movie trailer, newly released, that I enjoyed watching. :)

I am glad there are some excited folk. There's something lovely about watching people who are actually enthused, with no guile, no jadedness!
And  I confess, the header picture on this article gave me the warm fuzzies.  (warning, o miniscule number who might ever read this, it is the official trailer for a horror. Evil Dead. Yus, the redux/remake/re-envisioning for 2013.)

(Nundisclosure still in effect of course, but can at least now can point and say "See dis? Dis is wot I have been working on, these past few months!" Eeeeheheheheheheh.)


GuanoLad said...


Kirby said...

The chin does not lie. *sagenod*

Seraph said...

You've been working on the new Evil Dead film ? That's awesome !

Kirby said...

Nay, Gruesome! That's like awesome with extra BLOOD! :D