Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Antisocial Networker's grandmother.

Hihi. Yeeeees, it's been some time.
Enjoying the company of the grandmother, thinking about the future, doing not nearly enough to warrant a newsworthy blog! I wish I did. I wish I could regale you with grand tales of what I was up to, but let's face it, sitting in a reclining chair with a cup of tea, watching competitors on a cooking show and conversing with Grandma, is not exactly earthbreaking news.
I could throw some zombies in there.
That might work.
Grandma wants me to make a book, before she dies, she says. So I had better oblige her on that front. (yes, there is a story in question, and I have tried to thrash it around publishers before, it requires a spot of re-illustrating, and I think self-publication will have to be the go.)  Sometimes one has to get up and push one's self again. Her belief in me, I appreciate.
Besides, it's a helluva trump card she's playing on me there. *shakes head*
"Grandma," I say. "Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?"
She pauses, and thinks for just a moment.  "No."

We have agreed that 92 is a lovely sounding age. (her next birthday)
I need to get to work on that book, to juggle it with "the job that dare not speak its name" (for nundisclosure reasons), and to not slack about on the interwebs when at home.
She'll haunt me if I don't - hells, I'd haunt myself.

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