Sunday, April 08, 2012


The art of exposing the population to the existence of Nuns.

On the other hand, nondisclosure must be taken seriously, and I think I shall have to curtail any future comments that might relate to work (fun though it would be, in some cases), or else start some kind of timewarp blog where I talk about things that happened a year in the past! (given my current rate of posting, this would not be hard...)

I have started doing new things this year - it breaks the routine.
You will be enthralled to note that I am learning the guitar! I too can now proudly hold my left hand high and declare that my fingertips feel like they've been dipped in several layers of wax. (It's a steelstring)

I also attended a digital illustration masterclass recently, and learned a helluva lot. Coming up next weekend, I am going to learn how to bend plasticine to my will... (a class in maquette sculpting - we get to try our hands at making a head-and-shouders character model! Can't wait.)

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