Friday, July 08, 2011

OMG dinosaur *waves hands manically like a four year old*
So yes. I went to see the big ol' animatronic dinosaur event (Walking with Dinosaurs) - and verily it was fun and full of big animatronic beasties who looked pretty darned good, and went RAAAAAR.

I took along the vintage stereocamera as well, although the roll of film within has misbehaved badly, and I'll need the assistance of a lab to extricate it safetly from the camera for developing (it came free from its own spool!)

Work has been 'alright' of late - been doing concept art on a new project, which always makes me a happier person! See! Look! I have a pencil in my hand, a real live pencil! *capers*

Re. the past slog:
No credit for the months & months of work on Green Lantern, just a small mention of the company name almost at the very bottom of the list. Somehow I'm unsurprised - I had a hunch it would be that way. Welcome to the industry, let us paint you grey and call you a resource! :D
Thoughts on the movie? Well, apart from checking my fingers off as the shots went by...
Did I tell you I really enjoyed a film called Source Code recently?!
(i.e. GL had a good cast of actors who did their best, but SC had a much better story, with a more interesting plot. Nuff said!)

This is why animators are five year olds in their heart of hearts.
Work sucks! Whine whine whine DINOSAUR YAAAAAY. PENCILS YAAAAY.
I am just like a kid only with more restrictions on the clothes front.

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