Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In which film gets processed, toasties get eaten, and I join a gym...

Well, the title says it all.
In the quest for re-motivation, I have been told that exercise promotes such feelings, ergo, I finally signed up for membership to a 24 hour place. (given that the times I am likely to want to exercise, for gods know what reason, are not terribly conventional.
I also ate of the toasties of cheesiness, enjoyed the company of friends most excellent, and had some slide film developed, including one older reel of film which turned out to contain different stuff to that which I was expecting.

The reel that got stranded within the stereocamera (it detatched from the cartridge and wouldn't rewind) also survived, with surprisingly minimal light damage from my end. Hooray!
I also have new shoes (to go with the new gym membership) and an appropriate towel for gym-going. How very Douglas Adams. (Did you know, he died with his own towel - heart attack at the gym I think it was. There's something cool about that - sad, yes, but the man died with his towel, which seems like the universe nodding back...)

Now all I have to do is ensure I actually attend the gym. ;)

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