Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mental Fuppery

Ever had those times where work bores int0 your brain so much that it starts weaving insidiously into your sleep patterns? (Especially that time where you're just surfacing in the morning!)

In my case, I've been doing a lot of painstaking match movement with a digital figure, overlaid on a person in the film footage, for months now - and it's WEARING INTO MY BRAIN!

I woke up one time with my arm held up beside my head, as if I were trying to punch the wall behind. This was "aligning the shoulder". Or the repetitive roll and shuffle back and forth across the bed. This wasn't "exciting bedroom antics" in my mind's eye. Rather it was: "miniscule movement along the x axis/miniscule rotation along the z." All in the name of aligning some weird kind of what-the-fuppery...

It's not character/creature animation as I would call it. That kind of animation, I usually love. This, it is a technical challenge. (For reasons that fall into the nondisclosure contract, each frame has to line up perfectly, twixt the digital and real. Hence the endless tweaking and aligning, and why it's so focus intensive.)

Arghhh... it does get in. And I've yet to find the "cancels out" equivalent!

Meanwhile, also on the subject of Arghh...
Got up in the middle of the night a few nights back, but managed not to stand on a Weta - which I noticed on my return, in the middle of the floor.
It was about two inches long (not counting the antenna!) I escorted it from my premises by means of gently trapping it in a container.
It looked much like the following picture links:

I felt suitably patriotic on my liberation of the indigenous insect from my flat - and was surprised at just how unfreaked I was. I wonder what it thought of the experience...

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