Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slugs, Friends and Mental acupuncture!

Righto! Well. First the slugs. I think it's just one slug really. But it's left a dirty great trail wiggling around my living room floor. and is now lurking somewhere, brooding in slimey grey menace.
For all the evidence of its journey across the seas of dark green carpet, it has vanished like a ship in the night.

I have just returned home from visiting N&K, two wonderful friends who are great for contemplating and talking and making stuff with. We were analysing and trying to visualise how we saw each other's thought processes, and our own, and in the process of detectiving, a word in response to a question set me off in an unexplicable wee burst of emotion (the word was "reaction" - a trigger to the weepies that I'd not had before, but which occured in the context.)
But after that, suddenly I felt a lot less apathetic than I have of late (work has been quite mentally draining, as often happens.)

This is why talking with friends is good. Sometimes, much as one would like to, one cannot untangle mental snarlups on one's own because it's the mental equivalent of trying to perform physiotherapy on oneself. No idea where to start, or what needs doing, (and it's hard to reach one's back with one's hands!)

And that's why I likened this mental twang to acupuncture for the brain, I suppose! A snarl up at a juncture (I believe it might be a cluster of neurons in this case?), once loosened, allows better flow of mental processing.
Which is why I felt much better, rather than the comparitively okay state I thought I was in before.

I think it's just harder to detect when one has sprained one's mind.

Here endeth the blurb!

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