Thursday, November 26, 2009

We hates it!
But November has kidnapped me over to Livejournal for the purpose of a drawing daily exercise.
( - Nothing special, nothing fancy, just a challenge to myself. :)
I hate all this twitter blogger journal space fluffer (there should be one called fluffer, no?) myspacebookfacepage bollocks. Only because I can barely manage ONE place of being!
It's like having 27 different mailboxes, and having to write for several publications. Can't I have JUST ONE? Well, yes I can. All I have to do is... maintain it.
Quick, look over there! *points*...

Well. Where have I been? I've been elbow deep in Gore, NZ. I love it here. It's peace and quiet, and tea, coffee, crossword puzzles and Grandma. Been raiding her cookbook this evening - Delicious Lemon Pudding it says, (among the recipes), so I must try that. For it does look delicious, and lemony, and pudding. All good in my book!

Discoveries this trip - hitherto unseen photographs of my grandparents in younger days.
Old collections of cards from cigarette packets. I've photographed some, but bloody Vista isn't talking to that particular camera card...

I have only one more full day left with G'ma. I don't want to go.
What is it in my brain that goes "is this the last time?" (better not be!!)
Bloody stupid humanity and its inability to let us choose who we wish to grow old alongside with. Of course, that's the whole point of Grandma-ism. They're supposed to be older.
There are people I wish I could have met, just somehow - like her own grandfather. Like her Aunty May. They sounded like fantastic people. Who invented this one directional time business, eh?

I love my grandmother dearly dearly dearly.

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