Saturday, March 21, 2009

What luck! Today, I had a hunch that I should go to a small out of the way antiquey type shop on the quest for brass cogs, for Nich's birthday (him being very much into Steam-punky things).
Whilst mulling over a couple of choice pieces of dysfunctional clockery, I spied a pair of farrier's tongs, and seized them at once. (Nich also does blacksmithing).
They went down well.
BUT, also while I was there, I enquired about things stereographic as I usually do, and there happened to be an old stereograph hand-held viewer, from the Versailles Exposition, 1900!
Alas the wire support from the end is missing, but it is still quite functional.
I bought it at once!
And a friend whom I've just dropped home from the birthday doings, said that he'd come across a biscuit tin of stereographs, in a (now closed - Agh!) second hand store. Said store is apparantly sending its stock to auction. I will find out when and where, if I can.

The other purchase was a lovely Air New Zealand plastic hei-tiki, which is wonderfully kitschy cool.

And yay me, for making this second posting in 2009, in such short order!
I'd like to thank the saké from the birthday place-of-dining, for that.
Domo arigato, gozaimasu!


Seraph said...

Who is Nich ? How is his embroidery ? Is he good with the servants ??

Kirby said...

Nich is already married, to ... Kirstin! No, not me. ;)
She's my nomenclatural twin.
And both of them are very good at crafting, but are terribly unruly so I couldn't possibly have them as house servants...

She is K1. I am K2.