Thursday, July 21, 2005

Seeing as I should have enough bandwidth for a little bit...
Intergalactic Space Penguins would like to present their moving rendition of the fairytale:
Bodil & the Magic Cat.
(right-click, save as...)

It's about 23.4 Mb.

Also - if you haven't got one installed among your viewing motley already - you'll need a recent "divx" codec (5.0.3 or above) in order to watch the clip. Available here... HERE

A recap of the rules:

The film had to be written, filmed, edited and delivered in 48 Hours.

The Required Character: Bodil Derezny, an animal lover.
The Required Line: "Please don't do that."
The Required Prop: A banana.

The genre drawn by our team - "Fairytale"....

All that you will see, was drawn/coloured/animated by me. The animation is gloriously shite!
All that you will hear, was written/voiced/edited by me & my friends.

The only thing that was allowed prior to the start of competition, was the construction of the characters only - there was a clause for that, which regarded this activity as the digital equivalent of getting some mates to agree to be your actors. All other bits - sets, costumes, udders etc - were made within the 48 hours.

I would like to apologise in advance for the amount of time that the "suitors" spend jumping around (although we found it funny anyway) , and the longest "fade out" that I've managed to achieve yet - we had to deliver the final cut without being able to check the editing together of the segments, as there was NOT ENOUGH TIME!
Got it in with 9 MINUTES left to spare...
I love my friends! ;D

(P.S. - a small request - Even if it should happen that you do enjoy it and furthermore wish to spread the love, please please don't make any external links to the clip, or my bandwidth might curl up and die! Ta!)

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