Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Did you know? ... Wearing a penguin suit to a paintball game will make you a bit of a "target". And...
Did you know? ... ... That bruises can sometimes be quite big, painful and numerous? Will endeavour to show pictures at some stage.

Did you know? ... that I got a rose this month? Lucky me!
I bet you didn't know ... that it was NOT one that I'd bought for myself! Nooo! Intrigue and suspicion for all!!

Did you know? ... that hayfever/seasonal sinus wickywackywoo (or whatever it is), is quite annoying really? And...
Did you know? ... that "wickywackywoo" is a perfectly acceptable medical description? Of course you did.

Did you know? ... that this month was brought to you by the letter D for december, and S for snot. And by the number 2. For 2 are my parents coming here on christmas eve, I also have 2 siblings, and as I appear to be going out with Mr Intrigue of late (henceforth known as Stimpy!), that makes 2 too.
And now - right now, NZ time, it is 2 a.m. which is positively fate, isn't it?

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