Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I inherited another penguin from my mother this past weekend.
There is an odd thing about collecting - it starts through no fault of your own - except maybe first couple of purchases...
You only have to buy a couple of representations of the same animal (a stuffed toy, an ornament), to be afflicted by them for the rest of your life.
People will just start giving them to you!

My Uncle suffers Elephants, my Mum (Mom, to Americans!) has Hippopotamitis.
I really like Pteronura Brasiliensis (Giant River Otter to everyone else), but most toys feature the normal sized otter - which frankly, is just not good enough! I'm a terrible snob, you see.
I could endeavour to collect beautiful men, but then you run into difficulties like where to place them among the copious penguinity on display, (and the bears), and then there's the endless dusting to be done. I think I'll stick with the penguins.

My house becomes blacker and whiter by the day, but it's a good kind of black and white (with occasional yellow bits). ;)

Now go and decorate all the eggs in your kitchen with little hats and smiley faces.
Surprise your flatmates, confound your parents!
I've forgotten when I put mine in to boil, and now they won't be perfect, dammit.

(... surprisingly, they were! I must be some kind of Egg whisperer.)

Go and learn about Pteronura brasiliensis, here. Scroll to the right of the picture men near the top. Otters that are nearly 6 ft. long. Beautiful.
Sadly, frustratingly, endangered.

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