Thursday, April 22, 2004

Do you know that there is such a creature as the Teabag Goblin?
He's the one whose job it is, to fish out teabags from the sink.
Somewhere in their evolutionary past, certain humans evolved to believe that a bag bigger than the holes in a sinkdrain, could easily pass through and into the greater plumbing system of (name your country).
Scientific experiments on the scaleable nature of the teabag have indicated that this is not so.

This is where the Teabag Goblin comes into being.
It is his job to fish out the slimey bags from the sink, whereupon he hoists them as many as six bags high onto his back, and carts them off home to continue building his house.

The very fortunate Teabag Goblins of inner city offices have been known to build castles.

The Last of the Milk Fairies.

No doubt, you will take this to mean that there is only one left, but that would be wrong.
Indeed the Fairies are numerous, healthy and calcium enriched... if only they could be found.

On very rare occasions they will turn up and use the last of the milk in the bottle in the fridge, but normally it will sit there for weeks, a half inch of festering muck.
Much like the genetic split that prompts the teabag/sink connection, there is another branch of the hominid tree that works on the principle of leaving the last bit there and moving onto a new bottle.

Piskiologists have theorised that the absence of the Last of the Milk Fairies is often linked to the presence of Teabag Goblins.

We are fortunate to have signs indicating the presence of both, at our work.

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