Thursday, April 22, 2004

Attempting to purge my mind of projected thoughts of disaster (the stupid kind where your own worries are not enough, you have to start worrying about the feelings of others too), I paid more attention to the world around me as I drove to work.

There was a young kid coming to grips with his skateboard - no lightining speeds yet - it was enough to get the board moving and simply stand on it.

Well, even Tony Hawke had to start somewhere, no? Everything has a start - even infinity (depending on your perspective!).
And if you think about that, then infinity does have an end - when you get bored heading in one direction with no end in sight, you go back to where you started and get out of the infinity business. Voila, no more infinity.

Bachelor of Graphic Design Degree "self" switched on to notice an unsightly logo that might have been expected of a first year student, but not a professional company. Spent a few mental moments redesigning that too.
The motorway was of movie quality, wide, under a blue sky with little traffic to impede my progress.

I would think that Infinity means to be "in the finite"- but then, entrance would be intrance, which is neither interesting nor entrancing.
So I propose a new word - Enfinity.
Enfinity - being in the here and now. Easy to do, just stop worring about needless things and take a look around you.
:) Words are great.

Spectabulous even! (Hi Renee, Hi Tim!)

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