Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Star Trek Nemesis.
I didn't mind it as much as my friends, however, even I couldn't resist the urge to do "Dr Evil" impressions at certain points during the film.
For a ship, the Scimitar was pretty fun.

Now, I like Blue Skies as a song, but personally the best rendition I have seen was done by a bunch of Gophers on the Muppet Show.

Today is Ella Fitzgerald appreciation day. Well as I looked at the sleeve notes, it should have been 10 days ago (her birthday).
Anyway, that is the current "CD on Rotate" today.

Finally I hope that the tightrope that represents the thin line of cash in my bank accounts will hold.
I'm finding the current bank fees to be too greedy. My interest doesn't even come close to covering it.
I'm going to try out a new bank. (knowing my luck it'll be the same across the board - sigh.)

Go Ella!
:) Who could ask for anything more?

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