Saturday, May 21, 2011

Intellectual - Properly!

Ahhhh the joys of helping Grandma comprehend the interwebs. Her mental imagery of the goings-on in cyberspace is one I continue to treasure.
She is infuriated by the men and/or corporations who steal her broadband.
We've been trying to move her past the dial up modem stage - although in its defence it is being far more reliable than the bandwidth guzzling mobile stick!) Problem appears to be with Windows Live and its insistence on downloading information (that she will never be likely to peruse). (Yes, all other automatic updates have also been nixed.) We hope to have stopped it (my uncle and I!)

She liked the musicality of Anthony Kiedis (I believe it was a milder RHCP number) - from some random thing on National Radio, but didn't think much of Lady Gaga's appearance/dancing on some other telly thing - not a huge surprise there.

She has been unable to find a suitable winter hat. (Grandma, that is. I cannot speak for Lady Gaga!)

I have reintroduced her to the delights of the humble malt biscuit.
Lest that make her sound doddery, I should also point out that my patrilineal matriarch is also 90 years old, and sharp as a tack!

She still recalls a lot of the Latin she learned at school - enough to make me wish I'd learned it.

"Someday I should hold a computer party."
This - straight from her mouth moments ago. If I were smart, I'd open a twitter account - just for her!

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