Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am somewhere in here. *taps head*
It's late at night, and the grandmother has gone to bed.
Staying for a while at her place is one of my favourite things.
She'll be 90 next year.
I've been mulling over the passage of time. Oddly, it doesn't make me feel any deeper or smarter. Perhaps not so odd after all. ;)

Suffice to say, given the gap in my blogging, I have not been at work for a few weeks - v. glad about that. The current project is pretty dire, even by the standards of some of the things we've had to wrangle through the walls of impossibility over the years. (can't talk about it, nondisclosure and all that.)
But the refrain is familiar. Why why why do it digitally when it can be done practically (and IMO, would look BETTER), with digital "enhancements" as required?

One of my Canadian friends has mentioned openings in an animation studio where she is.
It sounds exciting, and a scary prospect at the same time. I'm giving it a lot of thought. I like the ethics of the company.

I don't know if I'll be so forward thinking and brave about it when I find myself back in the clutches of familiarity (my cosy little flat in particular) but I'm certainly giving it a great deal of thought, and perhaps sending off a reel may be wise.

Oh! As for compartments... was conversing with another friend about how sometimes my thoughts seemed like they were in all sorts of different compartments, and sometimes I just didn't know what I wanted to write about, only that I wanted to write! It was suggested that I write about compartments.

My compartments spilleth over, and I am very reticent about some things. There are other things that weigh too heavily on my mind, and these compartments could do with being less humungous, and less full. There are others that are being somewhat shunted to a corner, when really I'd prefer their peacefulness - but for practical reasons the others seize priority.
I think there needs to be a shift of compartments.
*visualises tiny matchbox shaped drawers spilling from the ear*

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