Friday, October 10, 2008

So it's half past five in the a.m., and my ability to sleep seems to be PANTS! Too much brain-chatter (you know, when all those niggles and worries - usually about circumstances beyond one's control, (and even more annoyingly, OTHER folk's circumstances!) demand the hugest slice of attention pie!
Hooray for Friday coming up, I'll get through the work day somehow... :p

I have a little place I try to retreat to in my mind's eye - it's a beach. The groundwork for it was laid around 20 years ago! (I took "relaxation" as one of those "hour-long hobby class at school" compulsory things, 'cause I figured I might be able to get some sleep :p)

Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's me-as-a-character, sometimes there are other characters/people there too - but only of my own choosing. Of course! It's my beach.
But I'm not going to get there with this damnable laptop on top of me. Sand would fuck up the keys.



Seraph said...

HA ! So - we meet again, my ancient nemesis ! But this time the advantage is MINE ! Well ... kinda ! I'm not TOO sleep deprived at THIS second !!
Okay - you YOU have the advantage YET AGAIN !! Curse you !

I invite you to check out all things 'Death From Above'ish at my blog, and SEE if you can discover my secret identity ! ( though this will be pretty easy once you spy my OTHER blog I'm guessing ! ).

And now ...

I FLEE !!!

Seraph said...

Okay okay ! I give ! It's Gino - okay ? Remember me ?


Kirby said...

Hello you!
So sorry my netritus takes so long for me to get around to filtering >.<
Congrats on the sprat :)