Sunday, July 20, 2008

*Cuts through swathes of email addresses and oft-forgotten passwords, to struggle into the harbour of my own blog*

Consolidation. Seriously, I've so much digital junk, that if my computer life was a room, and the information was all on bits of paper, I'd be squashed beneath it, bleeding from a thousand and one tiny papercuts.

AND I'm not one of the world's more net-present folk! Yarrrrr.
It's freezing here, and late. Went to see Kung Fu Panda, and missed out on yet another film at the Film Festival in town - I miss being a student at times like these! But KFP was good fun.
Saw the band of a colleague performing this evening - the drummer has the arms of Shiva, and is well versed in flipping the beat about, and the two guitars provided excellent curtaining for this non-vocal performance. It was loud, which I confess to not being my most favourite volume in a small room (where one's ears have to get used to the sheer noise level) - but excellently thumpy.
I recognised the tribute to Dune when I heard it.

I need more moviescores. But what? Which? By Whom?

Life in Winter seems to be mostly centered around keeping warm, and the inherent disorganisation which attacks, is caused by not wanting to leave the warmth of the heater to chivvy bits of tax-paper and other sundries away.
I am, however, managing to paint. Small brushstrokes here and there, but enough to make me feel like I'm doing something!

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