Monday, March 20, 2006

Hi Tim, as per request, an updated entry to this blog! (I wasn't aware I'd let it lapse for quite so long...)
Sadly, I was not accepted onto that MFA course I told you about, ergo the scholarship opportunity is pretty much sunk for this year. Was a bit bummed out about that, but have recovered sufficiently to think that at least I'll be able to afford a decent computer (this laptop is still chugging along, but it's better for stopping my car sliding backwards on a hill, these days!)
Have finished the bassist and drummer on that Beat' animation, pushing it through bit by bit (was able to save the work off the defunct Iolaus (R.I.P!)) phew.
Friend Stephanie nearly bought me a penguin-shaped waffle iron.
As I said, "I don't collect them (penguins) - other people force my collection upon me!" I have escaped the addition of it to my already crowded wee flat.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night was a good read, I demolished it off in only a couple of sittings! (Indeed, I may have even polished it off in just one...)
So cheers for that. Hey, when I have a worthy machine of my own, I'll be able to do animation again - hooray!

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