Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Monkey Experiment.
There's something about factors of randomness, and the possibility (even though remote) of monkeys being able to type a Shakespearian play quite by accident.
Well, I figure that I'm pretty advanced for a monkey - I've managed to lose most of the body hair (by some careless means no doubt), even though I still like drinking tea with lots of sugar.

dNKxajwr djmsx,mt 4;lyzi;43- 6t6-bwyndsmz x. 4 34 bam,.adaaaaaaaaaaaaaa44p8n9sdjyVZXXCHRN 4 8R8pefnwpdfnxcnj 4wpw7WEFP]3rwef23fdvdnvc vfnnnnnnnm[83r 2[7m0[7n2c4 =7n34[n3[98 u]09uhwEj
k'j sd 9 9
2 [[ry9udZ**************************88888[5875

...AND WITH THAT (oh. Caps Lock.)
...and with that, I have managed to write nothing of substance, or else some very unique piece of coding.
I discern the following multiple letter words/abbreviations:

bam (which is almost a word.)

I endeavoured to capture the spirit of the monkey, whilst jabbing at the keys. I thumped my hands on the keypad, I poked my finger thoughtfully at a few, I rested a while.
That sounds pretty much like me at work!
And tonight, like the snowbound monkeys of Japan (I think it is Japan), I will go and soak in some hotpools.
I may even raise my eyebrows in the way that monkeys do.

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