Monday, November 01, 2004

This evening, the author Terry Pratchett gave a talk at the Carlton Hotel, and graciously managed to sign his way through almost all who attended, afterwards.
It was entertaining, and nice in a bizarre way, in that everyone in the room knew about the characters of Terry's universe (discoverse?), so it was as if one person (Terry) was telling further tales of mutual friends to us all.

But with the signing, oh how I wished I had a nifty little device that would place my three-books-and-picture neatly in a row, and already open for his signing convenience! However, he did patiently sign his way through my impromptu juggling act, and put an "ook" on the picture. (The Librarian - my favourite character.) Thankyou Terry!

And to "William from the U.K.", with whom I chatted whilst waiting a'la queue, I hope the rest of your holiday goes well.


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