Friday, August 13, 2004

I think it's time I contemplated getting rid of the yellow colour scheme around this place. The pixels are fading in the sun. And I know if I remove that gif, there'll be a darker square of yellow behind it, to show me just how long it's been up there. No, the gif can stay - I've grown accustomed to its face. :)


The gymnasium that I have begun attending (yes, *someone's* hit their thirties wall of sendentary behaviour for too long!), has a secret special nifty thing - the steamroom! It is small, and box-like, it's all tiled, and has the most wonderful resonance for singing in! (Provided no-one else is around, and it's mostly dark - i.e. not long before closing time.)
One can practise one's Mongolian Ella Fitzgerald Throat-Singing airs, with perfect impunity. And the steam makes for happy skin goodness at the same time. "Joy!"

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