Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What am I thinking?
What have I eaten that has prompted me to remain awake so long?
(The night has nearly circled back to the morning...)
It started as I was idly cuddling my two old teddybears.
I was musing that I'd been cuddling these bears at different stages all my life, and that it felt like I was becoming another overlay on images of me at various ages like 6, or 12, or even 16.
Here are the bears in question.

Note their well loved appearance. No Botox for these teddies, no sirree! Grandted (the one on the right), is a stroppy little chap, and Green is a wuss.
I've never yet figured out if they actually get along, or if their self destructive relationship is just a fa├žade for (well hidden!) "caring and sharing". Grandted eats a lot, and Green will cry at the drop of a hat. At the drop of anything, really.
Maybe it's a love/hate relationship. I wonder where I fit in?
Third wheel to a couple of bears. Sheesh...!

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