Monday, July 26, 2004

The weekend!
So. First out the gate - a brief review of "I, Robot" - better than I had expected - one case where the trailer nearly made me not go and see it, yet on being dragged along by a group of friends, I was glad I went. Will Smith is a good actor. And the movie was enjoyable.

I liked it a lot more than last week's "Arthur" flick! - The lead actor in that one just wasn't "Arthur" for me at all. (And what was with that "under-eye-liner" I'm sure I saw in one scene? (the one where I saw Guinny's lipstick - such fashionable woadies!). I thought most of the supporting cast were alright. I'm sure the guy who played Bors (Ray Winstone) was also on the tv series "Robin of Sherwood" (Will Scarlett?), Mads Mikkelsen ("Tristan") I also enjoyed, and the lead baddie reminded me of a lifesized piece from the Lewis Chess set. (But that was good. I enjoyed their scenes.)

Imagining Keanu Reeves as Arthur  (ala Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) - "Woa-ds!"
No, somehow I don't think that would improve things.
My triumverate of movie shredding friends went to town on it. I don't think they've stopped.  Personally, when dealing with these slippery situations, I would stride out firmly ... around the thicker edges, rather than dash into the middle of the unknown. Gosh darn, could this be  metaphor for the movie, within the movie?!

The best thing about the movie was the appalling sound quality of the theatre. Got a free ticket out of the deal. Hooray for monkeys!!

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