Thursday, July 08, 2004

I have considered myself extremely fortunate to have had all four grandparents in my life, for as long as I have known them (nearly 32 years). Today, as inevitably such things must happen, I have lost the first one.

My father's father, whose health has been waning slowly over the past five years, took a steeper decline, not long after the 60th wedding anniversary of last year. For the past few months he has been in hospice care, with breathing difficulties, and today (Thurday, 8th July), he moved on. My Grandma was there at the time it happened, and I think that was a blessing for him, and for her.

I will find a photo of him in my archive of stuff, and post it later.

Although his death was not a shock, I am saddened by the realisation that one of my four pillars has fallen. I am at least cheered by the thought that I knew him, and I can remember him well.
My Grandad, Euan James Wright ("Jim"), was a farmer at "Ardlamont", Wendonside, New Zealand, and in his later years, my grandparents retired to Gore. Funnily enough, their new house was built on the same property where my Grandfather spent the first years of his life. He was quite pleased about that.
His mother came from Orkney, and his father came from the Morayshire area of Scotland.
He liked "blackballs" (stripey B&W aniseed sweets), sweet-peas, and dunking gingernut biscuits in his tea.
Although he was not much of a one for talking a lot, he very rarely frowned, he also enjoyed golf, vegetable gardening, and crossword puzzles. His last achievements, of which he was justifiably proud, were: a printed booklet on the history of the Wright family (our branch), and reaching his 60th Wedding anniversary, with all his children over for the occasion.

Tonight, "Tuppence" will dunk a gingernut in a cup of tea, to a life well lived.

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