Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The internet is a place of ghosts, more noticable here than in reality-world.
A couple of days ago, an internet friend whom I'd known for a couple or so years (we were moderators on Sword Forum International - a big forum), died of a heart attack, in his sleep.

There are so many threads, containing his words, his "voice", exactly as if he were still alive. Well - obviously, he was when he wrote them. It is as if he has not gone at all, and yet there will be no new words forthcoming.

We must leave an awfully large amount of electronic detritus behind us, nearly every day, without giving it a second thought. (Certainly if you're like me and have a couple or so favourite forums to haunt - haunt being quite ironic really.)

You are writing yourself into the internet, and your words will be around in goodness knows what form, for quite a while, maybe down an electronic oubliette, or discovered in a forgotten cul-de-sac of circuitry.
It will provide a memory refresher for those who know you, and an inkling of yourself for those who don't.

I think, forget about "writing for posterity" - write for yourself, as yourself (i.e. not trying to impress others) and you already will be.

Written after musing, for Don Nelson (6/6/04), moderator and "good 'un". I wish well for your family and your spirit, wherever you are.

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