Monday, April 26, 2004

Spent my Sunday evening at the movies, watching the Bollywood offering of Asoka, with my good friend Shabnam.
She tells me that her life with Lloyd is frequently like this... ;) (The dancing numbers, swishing of hair and multiple outfit changes in the space of a few minutes..!)
(P.S. - If you do not wish for this Bollywood version of the story of Asoka to be spoiled for you any further, then skip this entry!)

I have learned the true secret of courtship. Tomorrow I will go downtown, and stand in the middle of the road on the white line, twitching my hips from side to side, and waggling my fingers.
Actually I believe the actions will work anywhere - on a raft in the middle of a river, a grassy field, underwater, or a small desert village... I just figured that in Auckland, in the middle of a road in the downtown area (at rushhour), would be perfect.

What I should then expect to see after my wild gyrations, is a bunch of young men (with my indended beloved in the middle), doing a one legged hop sideways towards me, whilst singing a catchy tune, waggling their hands back at me.

The only problem with meeting your love in this way is that after a couple of days (where he goes to visit his mum), a dreadful accident of fate will leave him with the mistaken impression that you are dead and burnt to a crisp.
He will turn into a madman with grief, and eventually your brother will die.
But then your man (who, by the way got some girl pregnant with twins - also in his grief, okay?), will renounce the evil ways of the world and set himself on a peaceful monklike wandering, as one would expect.

It is probably then not the most satisfying way to meet a man. Perhaps you ought to try internet dating instead. You can still do Bollywood routines in the confort of your own home.
Even if your Aragorn poster fails to dance back at you - but that's probably a good thing too.


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