Thursday, March 11, 2004

Last night I was incredibly angry and moved to tears at the same time.
I turned on my antiquated laptop and ranted for a substantial while, but in the end decided not to post it.

It was sparked by the realisation of what makes me cry whilst reading, or watching a movie.
It is seeing a likeable adult clinging to some cherished notion (one that is a very innocent almost childlike belief), and it is HARMLESS (important), heading off into the unknown.
The unknown can be closely associated with a situation as unfamiliar as death, for that is often the case.

Douglas Adams died holding his towel.
I didn't know that. It is a perfect example, even though it was quite unintentional.
(Readers of his books will understand the significance.)
Incidentally , if he were still alive , it would be his birthday tomorrow. (11th March.)
Cherish your childhood beliefs.

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