Sunday, October 12, 2003

Dear person who thoughtfully removed the lock on the passenger side of my car.
You are a moron. I will spell that in big letters so that you may understand clearer. M O R O N.
I understand you cannot read, or you would have noticed the security label on the window.
L A B E L, W I N D O W.

May you develop scabrous wounds in the crevice of your nether regions.
B O I L S, B U M.

May somebody return the favour to your vehicle.
C A R.

You have caused me an inconvenience, your arse is so dumb, your legs don't want to be associated with it.
Your mind is so dense even your arse does not wish to be associated with it. That explains the enormous spine which has been tragically fooled into separating the two, to no apparent effect.
You are an offense to simians everywhere.

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