Sunday, September 21, 2003

Today I feel less fruity.

That's what happens when you let me read books that make me think.
I also came back from a holiday of some two and a half months whereby I am told that such occassions prompt a change of perspective, but I'll have to get back to you on that one, as I cannot tell from my current point of view whether my perspective has changed on various matters or not - I think it takes an outsider to tell. (You cannot see differently from your own point of view - it is like trying to look at your face without the aid of a reflective surface. You can only imagine it. Or run your fingers over it in an attempt to get a feel for things.)

Truly I am a walking well today! (Okay, maybe a sauntering puddle - my depths have not been assayed by divers that I know of as yet.)

Today I advocate for spending the day as you know it, not watching the television, nor reading the newspaper, or indeed reading anything that contains the picture of a celebrity, unless it is the autobiography of Sir Alec Guinness.

Instead, take that valuable hour or whatnot, and do something for yourself, be it scribbling a picture, writing a paragraph, or a letter, or taking yourself out for a walk. (one of those ambly jobs where you actually look at things.)
Or go play that computer game if only to get the damn thing finished!
Or daydream.
As long as it's for yourself.

One of the last things I saw in terms of writing as I left Edinburgh was a small bumper sticker that said Commit Random acts of Kindness.
I like that thought, I also advocate being a toothpick of Optimism in the face of the rolling boulder of depression, because "you never know, that boulder might hit a bump and miss you entirely"! If nothing else, you'll only be flattened a bit, and what harm is a little mud going to do, right?

Somebody remind me of this entry when I'm reverting back to mindless slobbery in a couple of days, orright?

P.S., if folks in this town hurry up and move over to the new hi-speed digital/satellite/uber-power-cable modems, then I will ride rampant upon the waves of less clogged 56 bit modemry!
I will doggedly harry the tiny cable that keeps me connected to the net, out of sheer perversity, so that exasperated companies trying to ditch obsolete technology will try and bribe me to let go.
What do you reckon - are my chances good??

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