Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Today is the day of Petite Inconvenience.

- Where things cost a little more than you last remembered.
- Where caps go flying off felt pens and hide themselves.
- Where something you hoped had arrived, hadn't.
- Where you get news of things that might need major changes. (But fortunatly don't.)

- Where a Pez dispenser reminds you of someone you're currently attracted to.
- Where Mohammed Ahmed loses a single passport photo in the carpark at the local shopping mall.
(So I did an Amilie and picked it up on returning to my car.)

The unwonderful thing about self-employment is that public holidays are for OTHER people.
Nonetheless, yesterday I spent a little time (it was a perfect day) just lying on a bench outside, looking at the clouds waft by overhead.
Barely a breeze, and the winter sun (yes, June here is the start of winter!), just warm enough to be comfortable.
High high high above, the (alto stratus?) cloud mass was very fine and delicate looking - and I noticed a peculiar visual effect.
There was a bit of rainbow action going on, with the cloud.
A band, which if I had to say which way, was bending slightly away from the sun. It wasn't super vivid like a full on rainbow - this was just a stubby strip - but it was defintly checking in with the whole ROYGBIV spectrum.
All I can think that might have caused it (seeing as regular rainbows usually go by the" sun behind, rain in front", maxim) was some super intense reflecting coming off a large body of water somewhere. (My workplace is near the water.)

I have a body of water too, you know.
Not entirely water, this is true - but whatever the human water/meat/bone ratio is, I think water's pretty high up there.
One of my favourite short stories is this one.


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