Tuesday, May 13, 2003

K. reaches lunch-hour, and decides to check out the state of various bits and pieces online.


POP! That's it... keep reading - you don't really need to be working or doing anything else of importance.

POP! No! Stop this at once! There are far more worthy things to do with your life!

Like... nothing? Come on! You know you want to search for meaningless trivia on the net! At least it's entertaining!

But you could be spending time with your loved ones! You could be completing your work well ahead of deadline!

You have no loved ones! Only those that you daydream about! I've seen you circle that name with sissy flowers and hearts!

That's not true! Besides.. besides... just think what you could be doing in reality instead!

*blank face*

That's it - try harder, evil K!

I could.. go out shopping.... and blow the money carefully saved for that overseas trip! Yes!


For once you are right, good K! I could have much more fun spending and spending and spending until someone has to pay it all off again!

*pause*... oh look! A dodgy website! How sinful!

Where? Where? Give me back the keyboard! You just wanted to use the net for yourself, you cretin!
(shoves good K out of the way)

I see I cannot save you from yourself this time, evil K. Clearly you are far too smart for me.

Clearly I am. Go away, I have important time to spend idly searching, and your "thoughtful banter" is a drag!

Very well then. Just don't blame me when you have to work later than normal.

I only pretend to work.

Well then. I guess it is fortunate for K that I do twice as much as you.
I have virtuous things to go and do now. POP!

Sucker... POP!

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