Monday, April 21, 2003

Please let me work over Easter.
I know that everyone else is allowed a holiday at this time - but please, let me work.
I really don't want a couple of days off - in fact, I think this week's deadline isn't nearly close enough. Why don't we make it tomorrow?
Or better yet, tonight?
Really, I love staring at this screen, there is nothing I would rather do.
I insist - go through my calendar, remove all the weekends and public holidays, and replace them with more weekdays.
Rest is for sissies. I've duct-taped my eyelids so that blinking does not distract me.
Actually - Duck tape sounds better. I used to think this was what it was called when I was a child. You know - for taping Ducks?

Put my car in storage, and rent out my flat to someone else - clearly I don't need it.
Shopping for food is a bore - give me a straw that runs into a vat of beef stew, and a tap for water.
Seal the doors and just poke a bit of chocolate through the key-hole now and then.
That's all I ask.

Well slap my face with a spoon and call me pudding!

Do you think this is enough wallowing in self pity?
Good. My work here is done!
Back to Guinea Piggery...

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