Monday, February 17, 2003

Swimming yesterday, sliced toe on underwater shell - ouch!
Hand also came into contact with a jellyfish thing - may have been dead - for I felt the slime, eww! But no sting - phew! It was just floating there.

Today, sitting morosely back at work - deadline has been jumped forward. Very sucky. :(
Must repeat mantra - I am not a drone. I am not a drone.
El Bosso needs to get us some more forks for the kitchen. Two forks does not a "cutlery set" make!
He won't of course - it's too much effort...

The garden gnome (from my previous attempt to introduce a touch of levity to this place) is sitting outside still, and has been adopted by the filming set up that currently works next door. (He delights in peering in at their windows.)

The gnome ("Sam" - in honour of a former employee) has also been thrilled that the site owner has seen fit to plant some tropical palms on his turf.
I've a good mind to make some tiny sunglasses for him.

The Guinea pig calls me - I must away.
P.S. - constructing animation for the activity of "standing there doing nothing" is possibly the most annoying thing to do, next to extended run cycles..

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